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MARIÑO SL is a company dedicated to road transport, specialized in the transport of dangerous goods.

Aware that in the current market we can not speak of quality in the service without taking into account the protection of the Environment and the prevention of occupational risks, we have opted for an integrated management system based on ISO 9001 standards; ISO 14001; ISO 45001.

The management of MARIÑO SL, assumes the protection of the environment and the prevention of risks in matters of Health and Safety at Work as one of its main responsibilities, considering them strategic factors for the achievement of customer satisfaction

Our management system commits us to:

  • Provide solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, using technologies that are more respectful with the environment, economically viable, preventing damage and deterioration of health in each service provision.
  • Comply with current legislation on environmental matters, risk prevention and everything that affects the provision of the service as well as other requirements voluntarily acquired.
  • Establish objectives for the achievement of continuous improvement, in the three areas, quality, safety and occupational health and environment. These will be coherent with the nature and environmental impacts caused by our activities, as well as with the nature and magnitude of the risks to health and safety at work that derive from our activities and with this policy.
  • Make rational use of raw materials and natural resources: energy, water ... We will try to minimize the production of waste, with special emphasis on hazardous waste, reusing and recycling as long as technically, economically and environmentally possible.
  • The promotion of training and awareness-raising aimed at raising awareness and making all personnel responsible for quality, safety and health at work, satisfaction and customer service and protection of the environment.

This policy has to be understood and assumed by all the personnel of the company and by our collaborators. In addition, it will be available to the general public.

The management of MARIÑO SL, is committed to ensuring its application and periodically reviewing its content, adapting it to the nature of the activities and their environmental impacts as well as the general strategy of the company.

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